Kazakhstan, situated in Central Asia between the borders of Russia and China, is size of four times the size of Texas and the whole of Western Europe. It has the oil Reservations of the North Sea with over 35 billion barrels and by 2015 the projections are for petroleum reserves of over 100 billion barrels. For any market this is a fairly good situation taking into consideration the oil price has been hovering at US135 a barrel and will most likely go higher. Besides oil, it is the world’s largest reserves of barite, lead, tungsten, and uranium; second biggest reserves of chromate, silver, and zinc; third biggest of manganese, significant deposits of gold, copper, and iron ore. Rich in natural resources, Kazakhstan has become a favorite destination for the mining and oil industry because it emerged from independence from the Soviet Union.

There would appear to be tourism potential in Kazakhstan as a travel destination. Currently tourism accounts for 5 percent of the nation’s GDP and is continuing to grow mostly driven by the strong growth in global business travelers working on the substantial oil and gas jobs. Positioned on the historic Silk Trade route between Europe and Asia, it gives historical monuments in addition to diverse landscapes, mountains, lakes and rivers. Bird watching, fishing, hunting and trekking and beach holidays on the Caspian Sea are available. Opportunities for tourism stay optimistic and Kazakhstan’s enterprising entrepreneurs should be fast to showcase growth opportunities for the international tourism marketplace.

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Among the facts that are interesting About Kazakhstan is where apples originate the fact that it is. In actuality, the industrial center of Kazakhstan, Almay, means Loaded with Apples in the local language. Agriculture is an important contributor to the market and it accounts for at least 20 percent of GDP. Agribusiness comprising grain and livestock production in the north and fruit and vegetable manufacturing from the south is another promising industry. Privatization and productivity improvements provide opportunities for astute investors to develop profitable operations. The one thing clear about Kazakhstan is that it is full of tourism potential and resources and Kazakhstan investments. The next few years will present many business opportunities in this dynamic market particularly for those willing to go beyond the standard investment destinations.

Kazakhstan is rich in many of different resources. Its main export is oil and yet despite this the majority of its deposits have yet to be exploited – it is been estimated that the whole amount of oil in Kazakhstan is over six billion tons. With that oil sitting under the surface, the country’s only few refineries are not capable of communicating all that possible output. Agriculture also plays a significant part in the Kazak economy, accounting for over 10 percent of the country’s GDP in 2005. The nation’s chief agricultural exports are livestock products – namely leather, wool and meat – and crops like wheat, rice and cotton.


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